The Funniest Book Ever Written

"The darkest, funniest book ever written. Period."

About the Book

A documentarian begins reviewing eight weeks of footage detailing the most bizarre and disastrous research project ever undertaken by two highly accomplished scientists. The footage documents a famous professor of pediatric surgery at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who takes a sabbatical and embarks on an ambitious crusade to eradicate violence in the U.S. His noble mission is funded by research grants and corporate sponsorship. The professor intends to travel around the country in an elaborately-equipped RV with his closest friend since childhood, a computer science and robotics expert, who, like the professor, was ruthlessly bullied as a child. They hire a diverse, elite team of combat experts to accompany them and train the professor so that he can aggressively confront and study the violent tendencies of adolescent sociopaths throughout the U.S. The well-designed, well-intentioned research plan ultimately turns dark and malicious as the professor starts losing his mind and exorcising his demons, encouraged by his sadistic combat team.

The five experts whom the professor hires to travel with him are all disillusioned men in their mid-forties, once highly accomplished athletes, but now well past their physical prime. This contingent includes: a Russian who was a champion in the combat art of Sambo and then served as a devoted KGB intelligence officer, until the Cold War’s demise left him without purpose; an Iowa farm boy who wrestled in the Olympics and now toils on his family’s farm; an African-American boxer from Brooklyn who was a former Light-Heavyweight Boxing Champion and now works as an orderly in a Jewish retirement home; a Czech who was an Olympic weightlifter and is currently a personal trainer to Eastern European celebrities; and a war-weary Israeli commando and Krav Maga instructor who sacrificed his academic ambitions to serve his country in a perpetual succession of conflicts. The two cerebral professors struggle to coexist with these five crude men during the odyssey, and this time on the road allows each to reflect on the events and forces since childhood that have shaped them into the men they are today.

This novel is a humorous meditation on violence and aggression in man, and it offers firsthand insight into the prevalent culture of combat sports and the difficulty that the male ego has in letting go of indignities suffered in youth.

About the Author

The author is an Ivy League-educated physician and academic scientist, has represented the U.S. and Israel in international competition in three different amateur combat sports, and is now a professional cage fighter.

Proceeds from the Book

The author’s profits from the sale of this book are donated to the following:

  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Cancer Charity
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International